Lost Coast, CA

IMG_20190608_130432 (2)

There is not really a good way to see any part of the Lost Coast most is only accessible hiking for days, but there is a nice “drive around the block.”  This route is about 100 miles not including our trip north from Benbow, but if you are going to the shore in this area, (and want a loop not an out and back) this is your only choice.  What we read said allow 3-4 hours for the trip without stopping it took us closer to 7 but we love to stop and look around.  Yea Haw here we go.

The first part of the drive was thru the Rockefeller forest with beautiful redwoods and then a steep climb up the mountains similar to the trip to Shelter Cove.  We did get a nice view of the King Range towering above the cattle ranches.

DSCF7610 (2)

The other side of the road was scenic as well.  Lots of cattle ranches and the towns listed on the map – Honeydew, Bull Creek, Petrolia and Cape Town were little more than a crossroad on the highway.  We actually missed Cape Town, don’ think that there was even a sign??  Not at all the California I thought of…

DSCF7615 (2)

This road was not in very nice shape, the switch backs were daunting and the grade pretty damn steep and then add in a huge bike ride.  So, on the uphill sometimes we were limited to uphill bike speed and on the down hills they were passing us sightseers.  No offense to bikers we love many, but to have so many on such a treacherous road, I think they should have blocked the road from sightseeing traffic???  Just saying, it was just one day…

DSCF7614 (2)DSCF7624 (2)

I have to say that any biker that can ride this 100 mile tour with such steep grades both up and down –kudos you rock.

After a lovely ride along the coast with cows and purple bushes in the meadows we approached the wall.  Look at this road straight up…

DSCF7647 (2)DSCF7652 (2)

About 75 miles into their 100 mile bike ride they had to climb this wall and then continue another several miles with a grade that was hard for the car.  Wow Just Wow, Gibby, Hansford, Lydia, Bennett, etc.  let me know how it went???

This is the view as it continues to rise, we estimate via cell phone data that we rose over 1,600 feet in less than 3 miles. OMG!!  As I said it was hard to drive.

DSCF7659 (2)DSCF7675 (2)P1190775 (2)

Pictures of the lost coast of CA so remote and so beautiful!!!

IMG_20190608_121136 (2)IMG_20190608_130914 (2)

Peace Love and Understanding!!!


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