Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor, OR

P1190895 (2)

The Oregon coast as far as we have been has been dotted with lots of small state park areas, very small communities and loads of beauty!!!!  The park areas have all been free usually with just a small parking area but several times with picnic facilities, bathrooms, boat ramps, campgrounds, attractions etc. At least that is how OR starts down south, will have to see what comes.

Between Brookings the first town on 101 as you enter Oregon, and Pistol River there is the Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor.    About 15 miles of scenic pull offs, with short or long hikes depending on your ability or initiative.  You could hike the whole way via the Oregon Coastal Trail, but of course we did not!!

We visited the arch rock.

P1190897 (2)

Natural Bridge, and we say bridges because there are at least two and I think three?

P1190902 (2)

We crossed the Thomas Creek Bridge the highest bridge in Oregon and were promised a view from a parking area on either side.  Well the view was from the beach below 340 feet below and the trail had warnings about eroded trail dangerous sections ahead so we did not venture any further.  If you make the trek send us a picture.

P1190919 (2)

We stopped at Lone Ranch for our picnic and a nice walk for Nellie and us.  Nice sandy beach with very large rocks.

DSCF7728 (2)IMG_20190617_121358 (2)P1190916 (2)

On the way back north, we stopped at Myers Beach where they were having a wind surf, kite surf, etc. contest.  This is apparently a very famous beach for these activities and attract athletes from all around.  Actually, got some decent pictures of windsurfers…

DSCF7736 (2)P1190922 (2)P1190923 (2)

Nice day.   Peace love and justice for all!!!



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