North of Gold Beach, OR

We headed north to check out Cape Blanco State Park and campground thinking that we might stay there.  It was a nice campground with lots of large sites.  The size is usually our problem with staying in state parks, but this one has several sites that will accommodate us.  I hate to admit that our reason for not staying here is my addiction to TV.  Oregon’s coast has had -0- over the air tv channels!!!  We can usually make do with just a few, but -0-???  That plus the fact that it was only slightly cheaper than a commercial park about 25 miles further north and no laundry facilities we decided to go with the commercial park.

Cape Blanco is the western most point if Oregon, and is named for the white cliffs on the southern side of cape.  The distant picture is from Port Orford.

P1200020P1190931 (2)

They also have a light house opened in 1870 and although no longer in service, still has the original lens in the light.


This is Port Orford from Cape Blanco with a view of the wide beach between and Humbug Mountain in the distance.  Notice how calm the water is compared to other pictures.  I believe I have mentioned how windy it is here.  Has been blowing at least 20 mph since we arrived in Oregon.  This beach is on the south – non windy side of the cape and would probably be pleasant to visit.


Port Orford head has a historic lifeboat station and some nice trails to these view points.

P1190930 (2)

There is a more protected cove where they launched the lifeboats when needed.  Understand that the lifeboats were usually needed during stormy conditions so not the most pleasant boating conditions.  We had to visit the cove because it was “Nellie’s Cove”!!!  You can still see the concrete rails used in launching the lifeboats.

IMG_20190618_120958 (2)

Port Orford is a very small town of about 1,100 people.  Guess you need an attraction to make sure people stop on their way by, thought this was a creative method.  Heading south on Hwy 101 at a left turn you see… It worked on us, and was a nice view.

P1190934 (2)

Heading further south you pass several nice rock formations including “Sisters Rock”, and we agree SISTERS ROCK.  Yeah Brothers rock too!!!

IMG_20190618_130155 (2)

We also passed Humbug Mountain, the highest peak on the coast of Oregon at 1,700 ft.  It was predominant on the views for several miles.

IMG_20190616_161348 (2)IMG_20190618_113318 (2)P1190943 (2)P1190947 (2)

Peace Love and thankful for Blue Skies!!!


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