Whidbey Island, WA and Beyond

Now and Then above.

We left Port Townsend via ferry to Coupeville on Whidbey Island.  It is always an adventure taking the Wanderlodge on a ferry.  We were the first vehicle loaded on the boat and therefore had front row seating for the approximately 45 minute ride.  Nice seats and a pleasant ride.

P1200390 (2)P1200397 (2)

We drove up Whidbey Island and into the Freightliner shop in Mt. Vernon.  On the ride we remembered coming here when we were in Seattle about 15 years ago.  Of course, we did not stop in the bus, but visited some of the same places this time around.  Will have some now and then shots in this post.

Whidbey Island is the largest island in Washington State, and although is not considered part of the San Juan Islands it is just southeast of them and I assume very similar except Whidbey is connected to the mainland via Fidalgo Island and Highway 20.  The San Juan’s are accessed via ferry or private plane.  Private planes and small air strips are pretty popular even on Whidbey, and we heard some in the area commute to work or school via private plane…

P1200447 (2)P1200448 (2)

We visited several (I think all) state parks on the island and even a couple of county/city parks and went to the best farmers market we have visited in a long while.  Most these days seem to have more arts, clothing and prepared food, while we want fresh local veggies.  Our favorite park is Deception Pass, the narrow strait between Whidbey and Fidalgo Island to the north.

Deception pass is crossed via two bridges built in 1935.  Whidbey Island is so long and hugs the mainland and Deception Pass is so narrow that the currents passing thru during tide changes is very volatile and creates some interesting whirlpools.  The currents reach up to 8 knots or 9.2 mph.  The rolling eddies and standing waves attract daring kayakers although we did not see any in the strait.

20190813_140919 (2)20190813_140929 (2)20190816_100242 (2)P1200415 (2)P1200416 (2)

Another park we visited back then and now was Cap Sante, on the eastern point of Anacortes on Fidalgo Island.  It was a high bluff with nice views of the town and bay to the east.

Now and then looking towards Anacortes, WA.

Now and then looking towards the mainland in the now picture notice Mt. Baker over the left end of the small island.

Closer of Mt. Baker.

20190813_121032 (2)

And just some miscellaneous.

20190816_080424 (2)P1200405 (2)PANO_20190813_133944.vr (2)

Peace Love and cheers to island time.

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