Sea to Sky Hwy – British Columbia, Canada

Being this close we really wanted to visit Canada.  But looking around it was really hard to decide where to go.  Canada is huge and appears to be mostly vast wilderness.  Very few roads except around the large metropolis areas and Vancouver Island only accessible via ferry. For a variety of reasons, we choose not to go to Vancouver Island, but tried to get a campsite near Vancouver City proper, but none were available.

We settled in Lynden just 7 miles from the border and decided to visit for a day trip.  Although it would be a long day we choose to take the Sea to Sky Highway 99 from Vancouver to Whistler, Canada for our first day trip.  The day started at the border with about an hour wait to cross.  The line was not that long it just didn’t move for a long time and when it did it was a very slow process.  Not sure what the hold up was??  That combined with a lot of highway construction on CA #1 made for a very slow start of the day.

The highway was very scenic starting with lovely views of Howe Sound.

P1200492 (2)IMG_20190824_124505 (2)

And continued up into the mountains with some views of snowy peaks.

P1200490 (2)

As you can see we did not have great weather for the drive, but what do you expect in the Pacific North West, or South West as far as Canada is concerned.  Our favorite spots (as usual) were the waterfalls.  Below is Shannon Falls a quite tall fall actually the third highest in BC.  It is right next to a gondola ride up the mountain side, which was closed because someone had intentionally cut the cable.  We had heard about this on the news and wondered how and why anyone would do this.  I am sure the cable was not cut with clippers!!!

IMG_20190824_133643 (2)

The second fall we visited was Brandywine falls, a completely different fall with a nice little walk to the viewing point.

P1200483 (2)

There was also a view of the Black Tusk an odd looking local landmark on the top of a nearby mountain.  It barely poked out of the surrounding clouds.

P1200487 (2)

Peace and Love from BC!!!

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