Mt. Rainier, Washington

P1200568 (2)
Randy with Mt Rainier in the background…

Mt. Rainier is the tallest mountain in the state of Washington and the tallest in the Cascade Mountain range.  At 14,400 feet it dominates the landscape when the weather is clear enough to see it.  We began our quest to visit Mt. Rainier on a very cloudy morning, but the forecast promised it would clear in the afternoon.  Since we had a couple of hours of travel time we hoped the clouds would part before we arrived.

The fog was brutal on the drive but we held out hope.  Sunrise visitor center is on the northern side of the mountain and our first destination for the day.  It was still pretty cloudy upon arrival so we waited, read everything in the visitor center, had a picnic, and waited.  Got a sneak peak of part of the mountain and enjoyed the wild flowers.  Spring wildflowers in August quite a treat!!!

P1200561 (2)P1200563 (2)P1200559 (2)

We finally gave up and headed down and around the southern side to check out some waterfalls.  Luckily the clouds began to break up and got some nice views of the south side and some waterfalls.  All in all it was a very nice visit.

DSCF7834 (2)DSCF7839 (2)P1200571 (2)P1200580 (2)P1200583 (2)

Peace Love and justice for all!!!

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