More Covid 19

It is now May 28, 2020 and the death toll from Covid 19 has reached 100,000.   Total cases in the US is over 1,700,000.  The number of unemployment claims have reached 40,000,000.  All 50 states have started some measures of reopening, and the partisan fighting is getting nasty.

One of the biggest issues seems to be whether or not people should wear a mask when in public.  President Trump has so far refused to wear one although he has now required most of his staff to wear them in the white house.  Two white house staff have tested positive.   He has also been putting pressure on states to open the economy, and most states are beginning to reopen.

This past weekend was Memorial Day the unofficial beginning of summer.  With pent up frustration and public areas beginning to open, many people took risks in not practicing social distancing and not wearing a mask.  It seems that many people have stopped taking this seriously.   Granted it has not killed millions of people but if one hundred thousand is not enough, I don’t know what is.

We don’t know what is going to happen, hopefully everyone getting out and about will have no adverse effect on the country, but we are not taking any chances.  We still intend on traveling this summer, we really don’t socialize on our travels that much anyway.  We will stay informed and do our best to stay safe.

Peace and Love…

One thought on “More Covid 19”

  1. We are just so envious of where you are and have been since leaving Tombstone! (and actually everywhere you’ve been.) But we are always ENVIOUS! Pictures are so beautiful, and the sunset ones you included a few entries ago – well, what can I say. Seems like you are taking good care and we hope all the tooth problems are over. Lots of love, Anne and Ron

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