Seven States So Far

We left just over a week ago and have already been thru seven states.  Heading west in a hurry aiming for Quartzite, AZ planning to arrive around the 20th.  It has been a whirlwind so far but planning on slowing down in the desert for the winter.









Only three more to go on this leg!!


West of the Mississippi


We enjoyed a nice sunny day in Gulf State Park Tuesday and departed on Wednesday staying an extra day to enjoy the weather.  We had a lovely day biking and hiking around the  state park.  It was steaks on the barbie for dinner. Kind of needed a nice day without travel and without rain.  Trails have been enhanced since their web site map and have a lot more paved paths and wooden bridges.  Nice park.

Choose to take I10 across the rest of AL, MS and until Lafayette, LA since it would be a 6 hour drive and we typically prefer 4-5 hours.  The coach although a smooth drive it is not a Toyota.  Five hours behind the wheel is plenty.

The trip brought some firsts – driving thru the first tunnel in the bus (Mobile AL), the first 20 mile bridge right past Baton Rouge, our first crossing the Mississippi River on the road  and our first stay at Betty’s RV park.


Went to the Tabasco museum and factory in Avery Island, LA today and enjoyed the daily 4:30- pm Happy Hour at Betty’s.  They are calling for cold rainy weather today and we depart for Texas tomorrow.  Abbeville is a nice moderate sized town in south central LA, a nice stop on the way across.  There are a many old plantation houses open for tours but they are kind of pricey for us, lots of rice fields and state parks that are reasonably priced usually $2 entrance fee.  We are also near Lake Peigneur, the lake that Texaco drained while drilling for oil when they drilled into a salt mine in 1980.  Look it up, the youtube videos are amazing.


Staying in Abbeville until Saturday morning. Then heading to south of Houston and on to San Antonio.  We plan to stay with family there and enjoy a couple of days  with them.  Love to all and hope you are doing well.

P.S HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERESA, love you much!!!


Thoughts from Alabama…roll tide


Coastal Alabama reminds me much of home, old Long Beach (30+ years ago) on the west end near Fort Morgan with small beach cottages and Myrtle Beach in Gulf Shores proper and heading east with high rises and souvenir shops.  Inland there are many large live oaks with lots of Spanish moss and quaint small towns.  Here on the coast maritime forests, yaupon trees and sandspurs.

With the high rain chance today we went backwards to Florida and visited the National Naval Aviation Museum which was really very interesting.  I would not really think of Naval and Aviation together, but that is what air craft carriers are all about.  Amazing how soon after the Wright brothers aviation was really pretty sophisticated and a very important part of WW1 and WW2.



We have had a nice but wet visit.  Today included tornado warnings and winds that rocked the bus at least as hard as hurricane Matthew earlier this summer.  Luckily the strong winds did not last long, but were a little concerning.  All in all it has been a nice stop along our route to AZ.  Next stop Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, LA.

As much as this coast reminds us of home please keep vigilant and do not let the government allow off shore drilling in NC or our coast will look like this…



Happy New Year 2017


We are in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  A new time zone and a new year.

The trip has been great so far, it was nice to get off the interstate in Brunswick, GA and travel across GA on state roads.  Much less traffic and much more scenery.  Lots of pecan groves and quaint small towns.  FL’s panhandle was more hilly than we had imagined, again we choose state roads for part of the trip but reverted to the interstate to finish the trip to Gulf Shores, AL.

We are staying at Gulf State Park. A very nice park with ~500 camp sites, the longest pier on the gulf, many hiking/biking trails and lakes for fishing/kayaking.  We arrived yesterday and it has rained most of the time so we have mainly rested from the travels and rang in the New Year at 9pm with musical horns playing “Auld Lang Syne” (quite hours you know). Will be here until the 3rd so will have some time to explore.  So far it has been a lot of driving, we are looking forward to some exploration.

For 2017 spread your wings and fly high with the freedom of a bird.





Not such a great idea



OK so first time traveling (more than from home to Carolina Beach) with the house hold packed.  Couple of things I thought would be a good idea really were not.  Example – cute oil and vinegar jars.  Short enough to sit on the lazy susan, fit together well and are functional – right.  Well they don’t have stoppers and as we move not everything stays upright, DUH.  These were both full when we left Carolina Beach and this is the fullness level when we arrived in Walterboro!!  Guess what I spent the afternoon doing??  Yeah cleaning up oil and vinegar.  Oh well all things considered, this is a small problem.  Will take out of the cabinet and secure while on the road from now on.  Lesson learned.  Let the adventures begin and our problems be no more than cleaning up a cabinet.

On the road


All packed and ready to go.  Started the adventures around 10 on Dec 28.  Had a small scare on the way out of town as the temperature on the left inside dually was rising higher than the others.  We pulled off at Monkey Junction and looked around no smoke or smells so decided to go forward.  As we traveled out of town and up 74 the temperature on that tire lowered to be in the same range as the others.  Not sure if it is an issue or not, but will keep and eye on it and investigate if needed.  Thank goodness for the tire pressure and  monitors – we can see all 12 tires pressure and temperature from the dashboard.   All is well and we are safely in Walterboro, SC for the night.


Christmas Omen


We celebrated Christmas with the O’Kelleys, Turners and Ma Millie.  It was a wonderful family event with much love and joy.  As is their usual the O’Kelleys took us out for Chinese on Christmas Eve and I received the best fortune I could have received.  Call it coincidence if you must, but we consider it a magical omen for our future.



The count down is on, two days until we depart.  Christmas has been put away and preparations have begun.  We are very anxious to get the show on the road (literally) but still have some odds and ends to finish up before we leave.  Everything is on schedule so far.  Love to all.